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Panicyl is proven effective for treating the physical symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, and stress.  According to the National Institute For Mental Health (NIMH) the best treatment approach for anxiety disordersAnxiety Disorders. Read more ... » and depression is a combination of both medicine and psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy is simply the process of overcoming the mental challenges of anxiety and panic.

I agree with this so I strongly recommend a two-pronged approach to your anxiety recovery:

1) You’ve already made a great choice to use Panicyl as the natural medicine you need to
stop the aggravating physical symptoms of anxiety & panic attacks

2) Choose a good self-help cognitive (psychotherapy) program to treat the mental
implications of anxiety & panic attacks.  Pick a program that best suits your particular
problem.  Here are the best of the best that I recommend:

For Panic Attacks:

panicawayPanic Away:  The ‘one move’ technique program which has benefited over 40,000 people who’ve tried it.  Click Here!


For Anxiety:

TLMThe Linden Method:  The comprehensive cognitive guide to treating anxiety and panic attacks that has been used by more than 100,000 people     Click Here!


For the best possible results select a program above to combine with your Panicyl treatment.

Please let me know how you’re doing!



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