Panicyl Production: 

nutrascience-01-538x218At Panicyl we’re committed to producing the finest quality product possible which is why we chose NutraScience Labs in Farmingdale, New York for its production. 

NutraScience Labs sets the standard for excellence in the nutraceutical industry. In 2012 NutraScience Labs was named to Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 Club for the fourth straight year. Also in 2012 NutraScience Labs won 13 American Business Awards for excellence including 2 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards, and 7 Bronze Awards.






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Panicyl™ is a drug-free natural treatment alternative that works very effectively for anxiety and panic disorders. Its natural ingredients provide confidence, calmness, and stability.  It will allow you to forget your concerns and worries and get through every day confidently -without the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You can now try Panicyl risk-free to make sure it is right for your condition: