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Real Testimonials* From Real People Who’ve Found Success With Panicyl:

*Time Out! Before I even list these testimonials let me answer the question that’s certainly going through your mind right now. I’m often asked if these testimonials are real or made up.  After all this is the internet!

I’m actually not offended by that question in the least because all of the testimonials & anxiety stories listed below are REAL. They are either copied from emails or reproduced from letters and notes I often receive in the mail. In full disclosure, some of the names and cities have been changed at the customer’s request to honor and respect their privacy since anxiety is a very personal matter for most. However their words and stories are verbatim.

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Hi Bill, Today is day 10 with Panicyl and you were absolutely correct, I feel very balanced, the product works.  It was a tough road over the last 5 months coming off Lexapro, but I knew I didn’t want to be tied to that medication long term and I worked hard at it.  I have been jittery since coming off the Lexapro (my wife says a pain in the rear but I prefer jittery), but after 10 days on Panicyl, the jitters are all but gone and things are good.  I know, I probably sound like a commercial, but as a sales and marketing exec, it’s what I do, and I will do it better thanks to your product.  I will gladly be a voice for Panicyl, it is a wonderful natural alternative to anti-depressant/anxiety medications.  You have gained a customer for life!” All the Best, Peter Knolls – San Francisco, CA

I’m writing to thank you for creating a natural product for panic attacks that works for me. I used to have panic attacks 5-6 times per month, especially while driving to work or while stuck in crowded places.I haven’t had a single panic attack since I started taking your productseven weeks ago and I don’t feel drowsy like I used to when I was on Xanax.
Thank you so much.  – Brian Stevenson – Detroit, MI

I’ve always been an anxious person and used to have trouble sleeping at night until I found your product.  Panicyl eases my mind and I can get a full nights sleep.- Tammy Eberhardt – Newark, NJ

Hi Bill,
I have been using the panicyl for a month, I am doing so much better now. I haven’t had any attacks for almost two weeks now. I finally feel normal, after 2 months of panic attacks daily. Thank you so much for this product, it truly is a blessing.
Suzanne Picarello  Greeley, CO
Bill – I’ve been taking Panicyl for two months now and I’m so happy I found it. I tried Paxil and Zoloft before but they both made me worse. Your product has made me free from panic attacks since I started taking it and I feel great. I can’t thank you enough.
– Miguel Molina San Antonio, TX
Hi Bill,  I just wanted you to let you know I’ve been taking Panicyl for 11 days now and it has been wonderful. I feel so much better. I’m ready to begin working again. Thank you for helping to give me back my life.Michelle Polk – Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Bill: The great news is that, with deep gratitude and thanks to you and Panicyl, during all that I have been through in the past week, I have not had one full blown Panic Attack – and that IS a miracle in itself, given my history.   My patients and Dr. Waltman’s patients on Panicyl are doing very well also, so that is excellent.  I pray that you, and your loved ones (and Panicyl) are weathering this countries (worlds) mess with calmness and success. I remain ever grateful to you Bill.  Dr. Gary O’Connor  Houston, TX 


I haven’t been taking this product too long, but I do notice it helping me quite a bit. I recently lost my job and I think that is what started the panic attacks and anxiety. I don’t want to take prescription drugs so your product was a god send. Thank you for this product!

Angela Heppell

Silver Spring, MD

I was very skeptical of buying an herbal supplement for my panic attacks but I tried everything else. It took about two weeks for me to notice any changes but then I started to feel calmer and more in control. Panicyl has given me hope again. Thank you.  

– Barbara Peters – Seattle, WA

I am writing to tell you that Panicyl does help me! It’s been wonderful, thus far, in improving my anxiety. It was especially effective the first 3 weeks. I was amazed at how much more free I felt to do and say the things I wanted to. I had no idea how much anxiety affected me until I was able to be free of a lot of it. I am still probably going to see a regular physician and/or
psychiatrist to talk about medication that I can take when I want to go on a trip as I am, since my attacks, still quite afraid of getting on a plane.

Most importantly, though, my day-to-day life has improved and I am no longer living in fear of my next attack. I am going to continue taking Panicyl until I
feel it isn’t working anymore. So, I just ordered a 2-month supply…. Thanks a lot 🙂

– Jennifer Calhoun -Woodside, NY

I’m pleased to say that since starting Panicyl approx. 2 weeks ago I have not had a panic attack and my level of stress has consistently reduced. I was to the point were I was stressed most of the day and having panic attacks sometimes twice a day with varying degrees of intensity. Today…I still feel a slight tingle in my hands and feet most of the time but don’t have near the amount of physical and mental symptoms I did prior to Panicyl.

I turned to Panicyl because of the natural ingredients…I wanted to try everything possible before turning to prescription anti-depressants. I was a bit skeptical but I’m really impressed and happy with the results.
Thank you!  Regards,
– Keith Barrett -Monmouth Junction, NJ
Bill,I am so pleased to share with you the impact that Panicyl has had on Ben.  First of all, Ben is a 6’5″, 220 lb, 51yo man who is a relatively healthy person except for the tendency towards nervous anxiety.  Before taking Panicyl, he was breaking out in hives every night, his hands would shake, he experienced a shortness of breath, had hot flashes and his skin itched.  All of this in addition to out and out panic attacks that have gone so far as to induce vomiting.   Within three days of taking Panicyl (4 each in the morning and at night) all of these symptoms subsided and he was calm in situations which would have previously sent him into a tizzy.What is even more impressive is that in the past he had taken zoloft, paxil, and lexipro which would only knock the edge off his symptoms and would leave him with other undesirable side effects which in and of themselves would increase his anxiety all over again. With the Panicyl he has not had any negative side effects what so ever. His libido has stayed in tact!After about ten days, he changed from four 2x’s a day, to two 2x’s a day and the effects have continued to deepen. Further, he doesn’t flash in anger any more.  He is far more balanced and generally happy now too !!Thank you so much for sharing Panicyl with me!Carolyn Santangelo, Cleveland, OH
btw, I too am far less tense and I am more balanced too!  🙂
I just wanted to thank u for this wonderful product, it really changed things for me.  My husband tried Panicyl, just for mood enhancement… he has no history of anxiety nor depression.  But he loves it! It makes him feel as if nothing negative matters, as he says. Many thanks to u!! I’m actually on every anxiety forum and board suggesting sufferers try this…it is truly the miracle cure for me I was searching for! Take care and continue changing lives.Stacey Stevenson – Vancouver, BC Canada
Thanks Bill!

My family and friends all say they see a HUGE difference in me…..I’m happier, have more energy and am able to focus.
I am, however, still taking lorazepam for when things get bad. I spoke to my doc and showed him the Panicyl and he is fine with me taking both.  (He was actually impressed with the ingredients) My hope is to be under control enough to only use the lorazepam for the occasional (and hopefully non-existent) panic attacks.
I can say this for sure….since being on the Panicyl, I am MUCH more capable of handling the anxiety and my panic episodes have been managable (no ambulance rides…
Thanks for the advice, Bill, I really appreciate it!
Edwin Hermann
Durango, CO

Hello Bill,

I am very pleased with your product.  I am truly amazed at how much calmer I have been after a couple weeks of regularly taking it.  I am sleeping through the night better than I have for months, if not longer.  In the first few days, I increased my dosage to a total of four spread throughout the day. At that time, I could barely think straight or sit still.  I was so anxious and upset.  The calming effects were absolutely incredible and distinct.  The dark clouds above me have started to fade away in a considerable way.
I am now just taking two per day.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  I had a job interview a couple days ago and did better than I could have expected.  There is no way I could have performed so well without the calming effects of Panicyl.  Interviews have always made me a nervous wreck but I was surprisingly relaxed and focussed.
I got the job and as crazy as it seems to me still – I got another interview today for a possible job that has a much greater salary.  We will see how that goes but I almost can’t believe the change of luck in such a short period of time.  I am so much happier and in control of my life now.  I was seeing a therapist who really thought that I should be taking some serious anti-depressants.  I am so glad I did not fall into that hell hole.  Thank you again for making this product available.  It has really done the trick.
Michael S. ‘Lee’
Baltimore, MD

P.S.  You may use all or some of the above as a testimonial if you wish.  Please just use my initials or a pseudonym in place of my full name.  Thanks!
I highly recommend Panicyl to anyone suffering from long term anxiety. It’s a nice calm feeling that comes over me when I take it and I really appreciate that.  Thank you for this great product- Pam Couleta    – Florida
I have been living with anxiety most of my adult life and over the last four years, noticed that it was getting less manageable and that it was turning into true Generalized Anxiety Disorder that was causing dysfunction in my life. I finally sought therapy and at one point started taking Lexapro. The medication was awful and seemed to make me even more anxious due to all of the side effects. I finally decided to seek out a natural remedy and found Panicyl. I have been taking Panicyl for about six months now, and I am happy to say that I my anxiety is greatly improved. It is so wonderful to feel good every day—none of the typical worries and anxiety that seemed to invade my mind so regularly! Thank you so much.
-Michelle Schmidt – Denver, CO


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