Overcome Driving Anxiety

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Five Tips To Calm Driving Anxiety

  1. Take Baby Steps: Start by driving around near your home which is an area that you are most comfortable and familiar with. This will help you build your confidence and enable you to stretch your comfort zone gradually. If this is still too stressful, start by finding an empty large parking lot (like you’ll find surrounding a mall) and simply practice driving there. The longer you’re behind the wheel the more comfortable you’ll be and if driving actually becomes boring that will help you relax once you’re back on the road.
  2. Take The Long Route: You don’t have to take the quickest route to your destination. You can avoid the freeways and other major roads in most areas. Especially now with computer-driving navigation systems in most new cars.  
  3. Face And Overcome Your Fears: This may sound counterproductive or even impossible which is exactly why you should do it. Force yourself to get behind the wheel and don’t allow yourself to back out and avoid driving. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and once you face your fears without incident enough times you’ll conquer your fears once and for all. When you avoid driving and allow your phobia to dictate your actions you remove your own control over it.
  4. Drive By The Book: Make sure that you have a valid drivers license, up-to-date insurance policy, and license plates. Anything you’re doing while driving that fractures the law will increase your anxiety and stress. Drive the speed limit, use your turn signals (even when switching lanes), come to a complete stop at lights and signs, check your blind spots, and drive defensively. Oh, and while you’re at it try to avoid driving in poor weather – which causes every driver anxiety! 
  5. Learn And Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is simple awareness of what’s going on within yourself. Learn to recognize your internal feelings of stress and anxiety and watch your thoughts. Use coping techniques (that you can learn on this site) to stop these negative thoughts when they appear. Anxiety is mostly mind over matter and if you learn to control your thoughts you’ll control your anxiety. 

Remember that nearly everyone has some levels of anxiety while driving a car so you’re no different than anyone else on the road.  The key is keeping your fear of driving from progressing into a panic attack driving problem which is more difficult to recover from.  Using the seven tips above will make sure you’ll keep your stress and anxiety in check and get to your destination safe and sound.

If these steps are not enough please consider a cognitive course on how to stop driving anxiety. You can learn more by clicking here:  http://budurl.com/StopDrivingAnxiety



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