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Does Panicyl really work?
Absolutely.  Panicyl has been on the market since 2007 and has helped thousand of customers all over the world.  We provide you with an iron-clad money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your own results.

What is the success rate for Panicyl?
The success rate is around 88% and Panicyl is guaranteed to work for you or your money back.

How long does it take to work?
It varies from person to person but the average is around 5-8 days from the start of treatment.  In rare cases it can take up to thirty days to take full effect.

How does Panicyl work?
Certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters are associated with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, including the neurotransmitters serotonin (ser-oh-TOE-nin) and norepinephrine (nor-ep-ih-NEF-rin).  Research suggests that abnormalities in neurotransmitter activity can affect mood and behavior.  Panicyl’s natural ingredients help balance these two chemicals to allow the body to resist anxiety, panic, and stress.

Do I need a prescription to take it?
No, you do not need a prescription.  Panicyl is an all-natural anxiety supplement and completely drug-free.

Is Panicyl Safe?
Yes.  Panicyl is 100% safe and effective – guaranteed.  It is produced in an FDA registered and inspected laboratory.  To learn more please go to our clinical study page located here.

Can children take Panicyl too?
Yes they can.  Panicyl is a mild formulation that is safe for children.  However if your child is pre-teen (under 13 years old) please ask your doctor or pediatrician for a second opinion.

Is Panicyl addictive?
Absolutely not. The Panicyl formulation is non-addictive. When you stop taking Panicyl you will not need to ramp down the dosage like you do with similar prescription products.

Is it safe for women who are pregnant or nursing?

Panicyl is not recommended for pregnant women.  Why? Because one ingredient, Ashwaganda, has been linked in rare cases to miscarriages so please do not risk it.However Panicyl IS safe for nursing mothers.

Can I safely combine it with prescription medications?
When it comes to prescription medication of any kind we highly recommend that you ask your doctor for an opinion on any possible drug interaction with Panicyl. Direct your physician to our ingredients page located here.

How about combining Panicyl with prescription anti-anxiety medications?
This is not recommended. Panicyl is designed to be a natural replacement for those kinds of drugs.If you’re presently taking prescription anti-anxiety drugs we strongly suggest you consult your physician prior to stopping usage of these products and prior to taking Panicyl. Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely when discontinuing any prescription medication. Most of these drugs have to be tapered (slowly decreasing the dosage over a period of time before you can start your Panicyl treatment. Abruptly stopping the use of prescription anti-anxiety drugs can be dangerous!

Can I take Panicyl with vitamins or other natural supplements?
Yes.  There are no interaction problems taking Panicyl with other natural health products.

Where is Panicyl manufactured?
Panicyl is manufactured in an FDA-inspected facilty in New York. For more go here.

If Panicyl does not help me can I get my money back?
Yes.  If you are not 100% satisfied with Panicyl within 60 days of your order simply return the unused portion or empty bottle and we will promptly refund your money, less the shipping and handling fee.

Do I need my receipt to get a refund? 
No you do not. Simply return the bottle(s) empty or full to the address on the label of the bottle. Enclose a slip of paper with your full name and address so we can look up your order and refund your purchase.

How long does it take to receive a refund?
Refunds are processed within a few days of the receipt of your return. You will be refunded by the same method you purchased (credit card, Paypal, check, etc.)

How many capsules do I take per day?
Two capsules per day.  We recommend taking one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon to spread out the dosage. You may customize this schedule to fit your own needs.

Do you take Panicyl ‘as needed’ or every day like a supplement?

Panicyl is to be taken daily and not as needed.  It builds up in your system to keep anxiety and panic attacks from occurring instead of treating it when it does occur.

How long do I need to continue taking Panicyl once it’s working for me?
This is discretionary.  We have customers who have been taking Panicyl for years and other who only take it for a few months. Since its non-addictive you may stop taking it abruptly without worrying about having withdrawal problems.

Is Panicyl all-natural?

What is in Panicyl?
There is an entire page on the ingredients here.

Where is Panicyl produced?
New York – U.S.A.

Does Panicyl cause side effects?

Most people who try Panicyl experience no side effects.  In rare cases it can cause minor side effects such as stomach upset or headache.

Is Panicyl addictive?

No, Panicyl is completely non-addictive.

Can Panicyl cause drowsiness?
Panicyl does not cause drowsiness in most cases.

Does it cause weight gain or loss?

Can Panicyl cause sexual side effects?

Does it interfere with birth control products?
Not at all. However, it should not be taken during pregnancy.


logo imagePanicyl™ is a drug-free natural treatment alternative that works very effectively for panic attacks and anxiety disordersAnxiety Disorders. Read more ... ». Its natural ingredients provide confidence, calmness, and stability.  It will allow you to forget your concerns and worries and get through every day confidently -without the weight of the world on your shoulders.

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