Fear Of Driving At Night

Night driving presents different challenges than daytime driving and is often the source of anxiety in even the most calm drivers.  Since our eyes don’t function as well at night we often experience visibility problems and increased response and reaction times.  But it’s more than that, darkness enhances our senses driving up our stress and anxiety levels to prepare us to face a potential emergency.  It’s like our fight or flight mechanism is ramping up in case its needed.night driving image

I have several ideas for you to improve your night driving skills and reduce the stress, fear , and anxiety it can cause.

Nine Tips To Reduce Your Fear Of Driving At Night:

  1. Before you even get on the road make sure your equipment is working properly. You need clean working headlights that are properly aimed to light up the right part of the roadway.  Make sure you have a good set of windshield wipers before you set out because we never think about them until we need them and if they’re working poorly it’s too late to stop by for new ones. Finally, make sure your rear-view and side mirrors are properly adjusted
  2. Use your bright lights (hi beams) whenever you can and always remember to dim them when a car approaches or passes you
  3. If a car approaches you with bright headlights glance at the right side of the road (or left if you’re in the UK) until the car passes.  Our eyes naturally are drawn to the light so you must do this consciously to avoid being blinded or distracted by them
  4. Don’t speed.  This is obvious but it especially important while night driving since the faster you go the longer the response time for you and your car to act in an emergency
  5. Never drive tired.  Another obvious one but it happens all the time.  It’s simply not worth the risk and can be downright dangerous to not only you but other drivers as well
  6. Listen to relaxing music , breathe deeply, and assume a comfortable posture
  7. Minimize distractions – especially your cell phone.  Shut it off to avoid being interrupted by calls or incoming messages.  Don’t eat, drink, or smoke while driving either
  8. If you’re driving long distances make frequent stops for snacks or at least a little fresh air and relaxation.  Get out of the car and stretch or walk around for a few minutes
  9. And I hate to go there but it must be said –   Never Ever Drink And Drive

The fear of driving at night doesn’t have to keep you off the roads.  In fact, there are many advantages to night driving once you’re comfortable doing it.  There is far less traffic, it’s not as hot out (thus probably a little easier on your cars engine), and if you have to stop somewhere for a break there are less crowds.

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Photo Credit: seanmcgrath via Compfight cc