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Interrupt A Panic Attack

Panic attacks are scary.  When they occur the physical symptoms can become so intense that it can make you feel as if you’re losing control of your body.  It’s important to interrupt a panic attack the moment you feel one coming on to prevent it from running its course. There are several good coping techniques […]


Prevent A Panic Attack

How To Prevent A Panic Attack It’s obviously better to avoid panic attacks before they start than to deal with them once they occur. By making a few changes to your lifestyle you can increase the chances of preventing panic attacks from happening to you.  The following are some tips to help you get started. […]


How To Stop A Panic Attack

Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks Suffering a panic attack can be a very frightening experience. Especially if you’re new to panic attacks and don’t understand why they’re occurring and what they’re capable of doing to you. When a panic attack strikes there are several techniques you can use to regain control instantly and […]


Peripheral Vision Panic Trick

Use Your Peripheral Vision During A Panic Attack It’s usually the simple little tricks that help calm down panic attacks when they strike. This is one of those simple tricks. Our peripheral vision is the part of our vision that occurs outside the very center of our gaze. You can use your peripheral vision to […]


Stop Panic Attacks

How To Stop Panic Attacks In 7 Steps: Panic attacks can turn your life upside down in a very short amount of time. The worry, dread, and anticipation that leads up to a panic attack can often be as bad as actually having one. Learning how to stop a panic attack once one starts will […]


During A Panic Attack

What You Should Do During A Panic Attack: Anxiety makes us feel on edge, uncomfortable, and stressed out during the period that it persists.  Panic attacks however, are when this anxiety falsely triggers our natural fight-or-flight mechanism that causes the immediate chaos of agonizing physical symptoms that makes panic attacks so scary.  When panic attacks […]


Inspirational Panic Attack Story

An Inspirational Panic Attack Story This video is an incredibly inspirational story about professional golfer Charlie Beljan who suffered a massive panic attack during a nationally televised audience.  Not only that but he was leading the tournament at the time by four strokes so was the focal point of the coverage.     If you’ve […]


How To Avoid Panic Attacks

Seven Ways To Avoid Panic Attacks When you experience panic attacks on a regular basis it causes you to constantly live in fear in anticipation of when the next panic attack will occur.  It can become a reoccurring cycle of apprehension, anxiety, and stress. Here are seven good ideas to help you keep panic attacks […]


The Panic Scale

What Is The Panic Scale? Panic attacks are tricky. They seem to come out of nowhere and usually at the very worst time and place. What works for me may not work for you since were all a little bit different biologically. That’s why I try to find as many different tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies […]


Panic Story To Inspire

A Panic Story That Will Inspire You Take a quick look at the picture of the guy in the video below. That ‘guy’ is professional golfer Charlie Beljan. He’s not injured. He’s in the middle of a major panic attack while golfing on the PGA tour. If that wasn’t enough, at the time Charlie was […]