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Driving fear can be overcome


Fear Of Driving On Bridges

Fear Of Driving On Bridges The fear of driving on bridges is a driving phobia that can trigger high levels of fear and anxiety and even cause panic attacks. It’s tied into the general fear of bridges called Gephyrophobia and is medically classified as an anxiety disorder. The fear of driving on bridges causes irrational […]


Fear Of Bridges

Gephyrophobia: The Fear Of Bridges The fear of bridges was thrust into the national spotlight a few weeks ago with the collapse of the I-5 bridge in Washington state. This following the tragic collapse of the in I-35W bridge in Minneapolis several years ago that killed 13 people and injuring 145 . That fact is […]


Hodophobia Treatment

What Is Hodophobia? Most people who suffer from the fear of driving don’t even know the official name for it: Hodophobia. Hodophobia is derived from the Greek word “hodos”, meaning path and “phobos” meaning fear. In all fairness, hodophobia is not limited to driving anxiety but also the fear of traveling by plane or boat […]


11 Tips To Overcome Driving Stress

Let’s face it;  driving can be stressful at times.  It affects all of us who get behind the wheel and most of the time it is self-inflicted stress.  Can you relate to any of these driving stress triggers? Rush hour traffic Poorly timed stoplights Construction delays and detours Horrible drivers Bad weather Cranky children in […]


Fear Of Highway Driving

Fear Of Driving On Highways And Freeways Highway driving can be stressful enough to force some drivers to avoid it altogether. There’s an added element of perceived danger when you’re traveling at high speeds so close to so many other cars. Losing focus and making a mistake can have horrific consequences and if you don’t […]


Fear Of Driving At Night

Night driving presents different challenges than daytime driving and is often the source of anxiety in even the most calm drivers.  Since our eyes don’t function as well at night we often experience visibility problems and increased response and reaction times.  But it’s more than that, darkness enhances our senses driving up our stress and […]


Panic Attacks While Driving

What To Do When Panic Attacks When You’re Driving Have you ever experienced a panic attack while driving your car?  If so, you know how frightening it is. Panic attacks while driving your car are not only scary but can be downright dangerous too.  Especially if you get that all-too-common panic attack feeling of losing […]


Post Car Accident Anxiety

Few things can shake a driver’s confidence more than a car accident can. The helpless feeling of being tossed around inside your car violently or thrown into a punchers-like fist of an airbag can be a terrifying experience. Just the deafening sounds of twisting metal and broken glass alone can stick with you for a […]


Overcome Driving Anxiety

How To Overcome Driving Anxiety Five Tips To Calm Driving Anxiety Take Baby Steps: Start by driving around near your home which is an area that you are most comfortable and familiar with. This will help you build your confidence and enable you to stretch your comfort zone gradually. If this is still too stressful, […]