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What Is Panic Away

What is Panic Away? The product I’m asked about most (other than my own) is by far Joe Barry’s Panic Away Program. Luckily I am a customer of the product myself so I have many opinions and thoughts to share with you about the program. For those of you who don’t know my background already […]


The Anxiety Lie

The Anxiety Lie Program My colleague Rich Presta, author of The Panic Puzzle and Driving Fear programs has just launched a new anxiety course called The Anxiety Lie which is so bold and controversial that it has shaken the entire mental health community to its core. What makes The Anxiety Lie controversial is the aggressive […]


Bill Recommends

Bill Recommends: There are so many cognitive programs out there for anxiety, panic, and depression.  Some of them are very good and some are worthless.  I have hand picked the programs that I feel are the best on the market today and listed them below. These are the programs I personally recommend. When combined with […]