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Child Anxiety Help

Recognizing Anxiety In Children  While anxiety is a frightening experience for adults, it’s even scarier for children who suffer from it.  If you suspect your child suffers from anxiety learn to recognize the common signs.  Here are seven common symptoms of child anxiety: Sudden avoidance behavior such as wanting to skip activities they used to […]


School Avoidance

School Avoidance School refusal, or school avoidance, describes the behavior of a child who refuses to go to school on a regular basis or has problems staying in school. Often school-avoidance behavior is fueled by child anxiety.  But there is often more to it than just common child separation anxiety.  School avoidance should not be […]


Child Anxiety Disorder

How To  Approach Child Anxiety If you’re an adult suffering with anxiety you can only imagine how difficult it must be to experience anxiety as a child. Anxiety is a normal part of childhood that we all go through.  Lets face it – growing up is not always easy.  But when this anxiety leads to […]


Anxiety In Children Increasing

Is Child Anxiety On The Rise? Stress and anxiety in children is on the rise (again) especially for over-stimulated children according to a recent study.* In 10 of 17 countries included in the study, anxiety was the most commonly found emotional disorder.  One in four children suffer from one form of anxiety or another.  And […]


Anxiety Attacks In Children

Are Anxiety Attacks In Children Inherited? Anxiety in children continues to be a rapidly growing problem. What most people don’t know is that parents can pass anxiety to our children in two very different ways. The first way our children can inherit our anxiety is through genetics. It’s commonly believed that anxiety disorders are hereditary […]


Separation Anxiety In Children

How To Cope With Separation Anxiety In Children It’s perfectly normal for children to become so attached to their parents that they get a little crazy when temporarily separated from them. However, there is a point where this normal behavior becomes excessive and can lead to separation anxiety.   Separation anxiety disorder (or SAD) is […]


Anxiety In Small Children

How To Deal With Anxiety In Small Children Some anxiety in children is normal during their development.  However, it can become a problem if it progresses into excessive fears, phobias, and behavioral changes that continue. Child anxiety is actually expected from the age of eight months through the pre-school years when they experience separation anxiety […]


Child Separation Anxiety

How To Cure Separation Anxiety In Children There are several different approaches you can use to help your child overcome separation anxiety.  Most of it is behavioral but there are also some medicinal cures.  My approach, especially when it comes to young children, is to avoid risky and potentially addictive and side-effect prone pharmaceutical drugs. […]


Anxious Child

Do You Have An Anxious Child? One of my biggest fears as a parent is the possibility of my child inheriting my anxiety disorder. After all it’s apparent to me that, based on my family history, that is how I acquired it. It’s perfectly normal for your child to face situations that bring about fear, anxiety, […]