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Everything you need to know about Panicyl natural anxiety remedy


Panicyl Ingredients

Supplement Facts Page: Serving Size:             2 capsules Servings Per Container:  30  Capsules Per Container:  60     Panicyl’s Proprietary Blend:  Active Ingredients Analysis Ashwaganda: Ashwaganda (also spelled Ashwagandha) has been used in India for thousands of years in ayurvedic (ancient) medicine as an anti-anxiety remedy. University and medical researchers have been studying Ashwaganda since […]


Frequently Asked Questions – Panicyl FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Panicyl Will Work For You: Does Panicyl really work? What is the success rate of Panicyl? How long does is take to work? How does Panicyl work? Do I need a prescription to take it?   Safety Facts: Is Panicyl safe? Can children take Panicyl too? Is Panicyl addictive? Is it safe […]


Can Panicyl Help Me?

Can Panicyl Help Me Overcome Anxiety And Panic Attacks? Do you experience any of the following symptoms? Feelings Of Fear Difficulty Breathing Feeling Out of Control A Strong Urge To Flee Or Escape The Place Where A Panic Attack Begins A Choking Sensation Having Trouble Swallowing Chest Pains Or Racing Heart A Sudden Fear Of Dying […]


Clinical Studies

 Clinical Studies,  References,  and Resources  Studies on the immunomodulatory effects of Ashwagandha. Ziauddin M, Phansalkar N, Patki P, Diwanay S, Patwardhan B. Medinova Diagnostics Center, Indian Drugs Research Association, Pune, India. AJ Ethnopharmacol. 1996 Feb;50(2):69-76. PMID: 8866726[Read the Abstract] Anxiolytic-antidepressant activity of Withania somnifera glycowithanolides: an experimental study. Bhattacharya SK, Bhattacharya A, Sairam K, Ghosal […]



 Panicyl Production:  At Panicyl we’re committed to producing the finest quality product possible which is why we chose NutraScience Labs in Farmingdale, New York for its production.  NutraScience Labs sets the standard for excellence in the nutraceutical industry. In 2012 NutraScience Labs was named to Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 Club for the fourth straight year. Also in […]


Why Choose Panicyl?

Why Choose Panicyl?   4 Reasons To Order Now:     You can now try Panicyl risk-free to make sure it is right for you: CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW     Sincerely,     Bill Burniece P.S. Do you still have questions? Are you still skeptical? Simply click on the Live Support button above and chat with […]


Safety Facts

Panicyl Safety Facts: Panicyl is safe and 100% natural   Panicyl has been on the market since 2007   It is manufactured with the highest standards of quality control and your safety is our #1 priority. Panicyl is manufactured in an FDA Registered Facility* in Farmingdale, New York under the supervision of staff physicians. To learn more please click here. Most […]


How Panicyl Works

How Does Panicyl Work? The natural ingredients in Panicyl™ work by bringing into balance certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. The specific neurotransmitters involved are serotonin (ser-oh-TOE-nin) and norepinephrine (nor-ep-ih-NEF-rin). Research suggests that abnormalities in neurotransmitter activity can affect mood and behavior. Panicyl’s™ natural ingredients help balance […]