Stress Headaches

The Dreaded Stress Headache Stress and anxiety not only cause headaches sometimes but seem to make them worse.  It’s the little day-to-day things that go wrong that seem to bring on stress-induced headaches.  The Mayo Clinic explains the link between stress and headaches:     “Headaches are more likely to occur when you’re stressed. In fact, stress […]


Swallowing Problems

 Swallowing Problems Caused By Anxiety Anxiety and panic disorder symptoms come in all shapes and sizes and each of us experiences our own unique symptom set. For me, the symptom that really  caused me the most fear (even to the point of triggering panic attacks) was when anxiety caused me to have swallowing problems. The […]


Anxiety Creativity

How To Turn Anxiety Into Creativity I recently read an interesting and controversial article about how the anxiety that everyone experiences from time to time is not always destructive and can actually benefit you on occasion. As Alice Park describes in “The Two Faces of Anxiety” in the December 5th issue of Time, not all […]


Performance Anxiety

How To Overcome Performance Anxiety: Performance anxiety is often referred to as ‘stage fright’ and is more common than you may think.  In fact it transcends a wide range of activities from public speaking to common sporting events. Performance anxiety is the fear and anxiety we experience when we’re either required to or choose to perform […]

child anxiety

Child Anxiety Help

Recognizing Anxiety In Children  While anxiety is a frightening experience for adults, it’s even scarier for children who suffer from it.  If you suspect your child suffers from anxiety learn to recognize the common signs.  Here are seven common symptoms of child anxiety: Sudden avoidance behavior such as wanting to skip activities they used to […]


Nerves And Anxiety

The Relationship Between Nerves And Anxiety Our nervous system consists of two components: Voluntary Nerves Throughout your entire body (head, limbs, trunk) and we have full control over them. Involuntary Nerves These nerves consist of a network of  fibers that stem out from our brain, down our spinal column, and into our internal organs.  The […]


Tech-Induced Stress

 How To Cope With Tech-Induced Stress I’ve been writing about the effects of tech-induced stress and anxiety for years now.  It’s my belief that while these wonderful tools of technology have made our lives simpler, they’ve also had a big impact on our mental health as we learn to manage all of these devices, programs, and information.  But its […]


Salmon Reduces Anxiety

Can Salmon Help Reduce Anxiety? According to mensfitness.com it can help reduce anxiety by more than 20%.   The first guy to pull a fish out of the water must have been at least a little crazy. Who could seriously look at the slimy, scaly, and water-logged product of an underwater hunting experiment and think, […]


Dr. Claire Weekes

Dr. Claire Weekes: Anxiety Master Dr. Claire Weekes (1903-1990) was an Australian general practitioner and health writer who became a pioneer in the field of anxiety self-help.  She wrote several best selling books on the subject and blazed a new trail of anxiety and panic attack treatment with her amazing work. Her first book, published […]