Avoid The News

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Most of us are addicted to the news. The problem is that 99% of the news reported is bad news. Unfortunately bad news sells newspapers and attracts television viewers – not good news.

When we inundate ourselves with all of this bad news it becomes difficult to stay positive and focused on all of the good things happening in our lives. That’s just human nature.

How Do Those News Stories Make You Feel?

Do the stories about death, destruction, and loss make you feel good or bad? How we respond and react to these stories affects how we feel far more than what actually happened. I think you’ll agree that negative news stories only increase your own feelings of stress, worry, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.

Do Those Stories Really Impact You?

If you really think about it most of the new stories that we observe have little or no impact on our own personal lives. It just makes us feel bad. Wouldn’t you agree? If so then wouldn’t it make more sense to disconnect yourself from all of this unnecessary drama?

Studies prove that nearly everything we worry about in life never actually happens. We spend so much time and energy worrying about events that never ever take place. An earthquake on the other side of the world or a murder in your own city likely have absolutely zero impact on your life and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Paying attention to and worrying about these issues affects you.

Turn Your Fear And Worry Into Action

The best thing you can do for yourself is ignore the news entirely. Inevitably with social media and instant news broadcasts you’ll learn about anything major that happens anyways. You don’t need all of the details. Instead of tuning in do something to help out:

  • If you hear about a natural disaster donate your time and/or money to help out
  • Get involved in your community
  • If someone dies go give your children or significant other a hug and tell them you love them
  • Write a letter to a soldier to express gratitude for their service to your country
  • Sponsor a child to go to school
  • Visit a soup kitchen or nursing home
  • Write to a congress person
  • Send a condolence card
  • Do something nice for our neighbors you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Donate clothes

You get the idea. Don’t watch the news; act! Trust me you’ll feel far less anxiety and much more positivity if you do something (anything) to help.

When you reduce your negativity you reduce your worries. When you worry less you have lower stress levels. And when your stress levels go down your chances of experiencing anxiety diminish. A good place to start eliminating all of this negativity is to stop watching the news.  Give it a try.


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