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Avoid The News

The News Is Poisonous Most of us are addicted to the news. The problem is that 99% of the news reported is bad news. Unfortunately bad news sells newspapers and attracts television viewers – not good news. When we inundate ourselves with all of this bad news it becomes difficult to stay positive and focused […]


Meditation Relieves Anxiety

Try Meditation To Relieve Your Anxiety Meditation is a holistic discipline  during which time the practitioner trains his or her mind in order to realize some benefit. There are dozens or more specific styles of meditation practice. People may mean different things when they use the word, ‘meditation’. Meditation has been practiced since antiquity as […]


Fear Of The Dentist

Odontophobia:  Fear of the Dentist Many people (including myself) avoid going to the dentist for as long as possible.  Let’s face it, its not exactly a pleasant experience most of the time.  Whether you’re getting a filling placed in a tooth or just your plaque scraped by that wicked little steel ‘pick’ its usually not […]


Anxiety And Alcohol

Anxiety And Alcohol Don’t Mix Alcohol has been used as a stress and anxiety reliever since the day it was invented.  This has carried over into modern times as many of us tip a glass or two whenever anxiety and panic rears its ugly head. While alcohol may help you cope with anxiety in the […]


Millennial Generation Anxiety

The Stressed Out Millennial Generation  A recent online survey of more than 2000 U.S. adults indicates that it’s the millennials (ages 19 to 33) who are taking the brunt of America’s stress right now. While the average stress level (on a ten point scale) in the U.S. is 4.9, for millennials it’s 5.4. An even […]


Anxiety Acceptance

Are People Becoming More Accepting Of Anxiety? I wrote an article (the anxiety closet) a few years ago about the fact that most anxiety sufferers hide anxiety from friends, relatives, and co-workers.  The reason we do this, especially when we’re new to the condition, is the fear of looking weak-minded or inferior to those who […]


Interrupt A Panic Attack

Panic attacks are scary.  When they occur the physical symptoms can become so intense that it can make you feel as if you’re losing control of your body.  It’s important to interrupt a panic attack the moment you feel one coming on to prevent it from running its course. There are several good coping techniques […]


Find Your Inner Calm

How To Find Your Inner Calm Let’s face it; life can be hectic at times.  In my opinion more than ever these days as we transition into the digital era. All of the wonderful technological advances that were created to make our lives easier have somehow just ended up complicating it. Getting away from everything […]


Anxiety And Dreams

The Relationship Between Anxiety And Dreams “You have a dream you’re in a house – only, it’s not your house, it’s someone else’s. You walk through a long hallway, and you eventually find yourself having dinner with your high school French teacher. You realize there’s a test, and you haven’t studied since the ’80s. You […]


Adult Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety In Adults Separation anxiety is not just common in kids… and puppies.   Adult separation anxiety disorder affects some 7 percent of Americans at some point in their lives according to a recent study. In fact, the prevalence of adult separation anxiety (ASA) in the United States is even greater than that of childhood […]